About South Carolina Blockchain

Blockchain networks are transforming transactions and business processes all over the World.  South Carolina Blockchain aims to bring South Carolina into the forefront of the blockchain revolution by fostering a productive ecosystem for innovation throughout the state. In service of that goal, we are actively recruiting presenters and sponsors for our online content and live events.

We are a growing community and we invite you to participate in an exchange of ideas. If you would like to be featured as a speaker or sponsor of one of our online or live conferences, virtual seminars, interviews, or educational videos, we would love to hear from you! 


We believe that embracing blockchain technology, in concert with related emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and 3D printing, can position South Carolina to lead the South East in digital and new technology jobs in the next decade.

We believe our investment in time, energy, and capital will promote a healthy, growing blockchain ecosystem for all citizens of South Carolina. 

How we are putting our beliefs into action:

1. Create original content that will present blockchain use-cases currently being implemented around the World that are relevant to the native industries of South Carolina.

2. Partner with higher education institutions to create opportunities for accredited blockchain education in South Carolina.

3. Connect innovative projects with funding through our blockchain incubator.

Who we are

Our Staff & Volunteers

Brent Zionic

Web Architecture and Technology Lead

Jessica Baker

Digital Media Strategist

Matt Sofley

Advisory Board Member and IT Consultant

Eric Thome

Advisory Board Member and Investor Community Liaison

Mark Driver


Mark is a serial entrepreneur with a background in banking, financial technology, supply chain, and management consulting.

Elliot Epstein

Producer, Co-host & Educator

Jonathan Dunsmoor, Esq.

Advisory Board Member, Legal Adviser and Blockchain Evangelist

Dennis Fassuliotis


Dennis is a low country real estate investor with a passion for networking, cryptocurrencies, and collaborative learning.

Lori Souza

Producer, Co-host & Educator

Craig Ratliff

Advisory Board Member and Blockchain Technology Consultant